Monday, February 13, 2006

No more Tapeware

Tapeware corrupted its database again. Took three runs to repair it this time. And now (again) it does not recognize the drive.... Looking through their knowledge base I found comments about "inherently flawed database technology" that could be corrupted by a simple antivirus scan of the database directory. Although I have already taken care of everytning I could think of to keep the database healthy it keeps corrupting.

From what I learned the successor of Tapeware, Yosemite Backup, does not contain the bad database code anymore, however I still do not think that a product version 7 should be *that* broken. If anyone asks me, *don't* use TapeWare! God knows if you will be able to restore the data when you really need it.

I think I have had it with that damn thing. I will just try Microsofts windows backup software, maybe somewhat spiced up with a few batches. Hopefully that will be less unnerving...

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