No more Tapeware

Tapeware corrupted its database again. Took three runs to repair it this time. And now (again) it does not recognize the drive.... Looking through their knowledge base I found comments about "inherently flawed database technology" that could be corrupted by a simple antivirus scan of the database directory. Although I have already taken care of everytning I could think of to keep the database healthy it keeps corrupting.

From what I learned the successor of Tapeware, Yosemite Backup, does not contain the bad database code anymore, however I still do not think that a product version 7 should be *that* broken. If anyone asks me, *don't* use TapeWare! God knows if you will be able to restore the data when you really need it.

I think I have had it with that damn thing. I will just try Microsofts windows backup software, maybe somewhat spiced up with a few batches. Hopefully that will be less unnerving...


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