Star Wars: Empire at War

I have just installed the Demo of Star Wars: Empire at War. Being a Star Wars fan I was happy to see that they still sometimes make good games. Many of those wannabe Star Wars games just did not deserve the name. Either they had bad graphics, bad stories or even both. The last thing I really had time to play with and liked was X-Wing Alliance. Apart from that some Jedi Knight 2, and Voyager: Elite Force 2, both of which I enjoyed very much.

Being more the space combat type (I really loved the old TIE-Fighter, why don't they make such games any more?) I was pleased by how many options there are in "Empire at war". You are not limited to a Command-And-Conquer like ground combat all the time, but can also fight space battles. I played through the 4 tutorials available in the demo and loved it right from the beginning. The UI looks nice and clear and seems to be planned carefully as to not keep you too much from looking at the nice game graphics. The units seem to be quite clever, not just standing still while being shot at, just because I did not explicitly order them to defend themselves.

Because I already know I will not have the time to really play the game I will not buy it. However if I did, I would surely need a new graphics board... My old GeFore5600 is not up to the task, except with lowest detail settings, and I bet it will look way better with all the effects sliders being pushed farther to the right :)


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