Strange binary file corruption in CVS/Eclipse

We have experienced some weird binary file corruptions lately. Somehow Eclipse believed it had to replace every LF with a CRLF, which is not too healthy for .exe files.

First we thought we had just forgotten to set the -kb flag, but it turned out, that this could not be true for all of the broken files we saw. We were even able to reproduce the problem once, but now, as I am trying to write a bugzilla entry for Eclipse (3.1.2) I cannot get it *wrong* again.

From what I remember we checked in a new binary file on HEAD. Then we did a "Compare with another branch or version" on the branch and told Eclipse to "Override and Update". On Friday this made the .exe file grow from 15995 bytes to 16030 bytes; a binary compare showed exactly 35 LFs that happened to be in it being replaced with CRLFs on checkout. However now I cannot reproduce it anymore, so that I would not even trust my own bug report.

Seems I will have to wait till Monday and try to get hold of the problem together with the colleague that initally had the problem. Leaves a bad feeling to say the least...


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