Just a couple of days ago I returned from a vacation in the San Antonio, TX area. One day the postal office was closed, police vehicles blocking the entries to the parking lot. Afterwards I saw in the news that someone had placed a package labelled "BOMB" at the front door which led to an evacuation.

Some days later I drove by there again, and again saw the police blocking the entries. However this time the center lane was also closed and there were lots of employees of the postal service taking envelopes from passing cars. It produced quite a traffic jam in both directions and I was somewhat unnerved because it took like forever to get through there.

Suspecting something similar to the bomb incident (which luckily turned out to be a bad joke) I scanned the news and found that Postal workers were aiding tax filers on deadline.

Has anyone ever heard of such nonsense? Why could people possibly have to wait till the very last day to file there taxes? I would very much like to know how much fuel was spent uselessly on that road that day, because of all the vehicles waiting there, just because some folks could not have their taxes ready one or two days before...


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