Head First HTML with CSS and XHTML

It's been a long time since I have actually written HTML pages... Back then ASP was state of the art (no flamewars please) and HomeSite was the editor of choice. Dreamweaver was version 2 and most image editing software was beginning to learn about GIFs and their transparency.

Since then a lot has happened, and while I have been doing some XSLs at work I somewhat lost contact with state of the art website building. When I started this blog I was pleased with the pre-defined themes from a purely aesthetic point of view; but looking at the sourcecode I was even more impressed. Ok, I know what CSS classes are, how to define a background color for all td's and some other things. But seeing what's possible and how elegantly so, I really feel the urge to try some of that again.

Incidentally I recently read a short summary about O'Reilly's new Head First HTML with CSS and XHTML and after reading the sample chapter I ordered a copy.

Maybe this page will look different in the future :)

As soon as I have read some of the book I will tell you about my impression with it.


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