ext2/ext3 access for Windows

I recently installed Fedora Core 5 to replace the somewhat troublesome FC4 I had before. I downloaded some large files onto the Linux partition that I would need on Windows, too. Unfortunately at the time I did not remember that NTFS write support is still far from stable, so I did not want to risk mounting my Windows data volume other than read-only. That left me with either splitting the file and copying it via USB stick (piece by piece with several reboots) or getting Windows XP to support for the Linux filesystem (ext2/ext3).

I just wanted to share this link to Ext2 IFS for Windows which is an installable file system driver for Windows. After a reboot you will be able to read and write partitions formatted with the ext2 filesystem (and the compatible ext3, too). So far I have not had any trouble. Installation is straight, as is its use. It will just let you assign drive letters to your Linux partitions. Very nice work!


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