Fedora Core 5, Part 2

The title of this might seem a little strange as there has not been a "part one" yet, however I feel that I'd like to share this first nonetheless. Part 1 is going to be a little more exhaustive on several aspects of my searching for an alternative to Windows XP as a desktop system.

This one might also be called "DVD playback on Fedora Core 5".

One of the more disappointing aspects of my new Fedora Core 5 install is the apparent lack for multimedia support. Sure, there is the default totem player, but I got the impression that it tried hard to avoid playing back anything I would have liked to see or hear.

Especially DVDs were a concern for me. I have bought lots of movies and TV series over the years and I surely like to watch them once in a while, if it even is only a background windows playing Star Wars (to be honest, as often as I have seen those, I would not need the picture anymore anyway ;-).

I was close to revert back to Windows when I could not find any pre-installed software that would "just" require an additional decoder. I did not even find a hint how to do it. I understand that Fedora contains only free software, but a simple text note or a link to a more detailed explanation how to get the stuff you need on your own would have been nice.

On FedoraForum I found this thread containing some basic steps on how to get going with DVDs and video files. I suggest taking a look at it. I had set up the Livna repository before for the nvidia drivers, so I skipped that step. But everything else went very smoothly.
Following the "todo list" the only thing I noticed was that there were some messages about single packages not found, but it seems everything got installed just fine.

After that I could have my first look at The Revenge Of The Sith on Linux. :)


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