Windows compressed folders... again

I wrote about the "buggyness" of the Windows Compressed Folders feature before. However today I found out an even more unbelievable bug.

I copied a ZIP file containing several thousand files onto a Windows 2003 Server machine (with SP1). Once it was there I connected via RDP and right-clicked the file in the Explorer, choosing "Extract All" from the context menu.

After clicking "Next" to get past the "Welcome to the Decompression Idio^H^H^H^HWizard" I chose the target directory and hit "Next" again. Immediately I was asked whether I wanted to overwrite a file already existing in the target location. As I had created a new folder to hold the archive contents I was somewhat suprised by this dialog; so I cancelled the operation and tried again.

Now you won't believe it: Once the decompression starts upon clicking the second "Next" button, this very same button remains enabled and functioning! Obviously I had (by accident) clicked twice on the button in my first attempt. Turns out you can click it again and again, as long as the decompression is not finished and it will ask you if you want to overwrite the files it just put there itself....

Now is this embarrassing for MS or what?

Oh, and while we are at it: Be sure that have a good laugh while reading "Dear Sir Bill Gates: invoice enclosed" and the follow-up Stupid operating systems or stupid operators?.


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