Follow Up: F-Secure's response

Not too long ago I wrote about a problem concerning F-Secure Anti-Virus 2007 and the Kerio Personal Firewall in this article. At the end of it I said I would inform F-Secure about the problem. I did and this is about their response.

On November 13th I used the support form on F-Secure's website (Germany) to report to them the problem I had experienced. My report was about 2K long (I still have it) and included precise information about the situation, what I had found out and what to do to prevent it. I suggested having the installer issue a warning concerning 3rd party personal firewalls, especially since those seemed to be no problem with the 2006 version. I also included a link to my even more verbose blog post.

On November 14th I got a response from one of their support agents. Apart from a lengthy auto-generated intro on how to issue correct problem reports (comes with every mail, does not have anything to do with your individual request) I got a very brief answer (I translated this from German, but I tried to be as exact as possible):

Dear F-Secure Customer, thank you very much for your request to our technical support. Unfortunately the firewall software you use is not compatible with our software. If you need a firewall, we recommend using our "Internet Security". Should you have further questions or need assistance with the actions above please call under ... We wish you a pleasant day. Regards, ...

If I was asked I could probably tell the ready-made text blocks used in this answer apart...

I replied again, because this did not satisfy me at all. I told them that I would have had expected a little more verbosity, especially since I had provided a detailed analysis of the problem. Furthermore I told them about the same problem happening to several people I know - all not too tech-savvy people who called me for assistance. Some of them were so pis^H^H^H dissatisfied that they will probably not buy a new subscription for F-Secure once their current one has expired.

I specifically asked two simple questions: a) Whether my analysis was correct and if it could be used to prevent the problem from happening should need to upgrade more machines. b) If it would be possible to follow my suggestion and simply have the installer display a warning that as of version 2007 personal firewalls might cause severe problems. This would have been enough from my standpoint - even though detecting the remaining files of a Kerio PFW would have been even nicer.

This was their answer (again translated):

Dear F-Secure Customer, thank you very much for your request to our technical support. regarding a) It is not possible to run version 2007 on systems on which Kerio Firewall has not been completely removed. regarding b) Our setup's sidegrade feature does unfortunately not detect all versions of the Kerio Firewall. Otherwise it will insist on uninstalling the Firewall before it starts to install. Should you have further questions or need assistance with the actions above please call under ... We wish you a pleasant day. Regards, ...

As the icing on the cake on November 21st I got a feedback request about how content I was with the recent support issue I had filed to ensure optimum support with technical difficulties. I in fact filled out the form, complaining about the very brief and impersonal answers that did not meet my expectations. I have not heard anything since then.

Is this great? I know someone who will seriously think about renewing his own subscription...


Anonymous said…
Heißt das, dass F-Secure Antivirus 2007 jetzt mit der Sunbelt Kerio Firewall zusammen läuft?
Habe die Reg-Keys gelöscht, und F-Secure funktioniert jetzt, lässt aber keine Installation von Kerio mehr zu.

Nein, funktioniert nicht. Da ich hinter einem DSL Router sitze, ist das nicht mehr so wichtig. Ich hatte das Teil letztlich eigentlich nur noch drauf, weil ich nicht daran gedacht habe, es zu deinstallieren.
Unknown said…
Ich hatte gerade dasselbe Erlebnis - nur noch nicht mit F-Secure gesprochen. Die mögliche Antwort, die ich von F-Secure erhalten werde, macht mich jetzt schon ganz wütend:
"Nein, Ihre Firewallsoftware geht nicht mehr, Sie müssen unsere verwenden." Kaufzwang würde ich das nennen *grrr*

Anonymous said…
Danke für die wertvollen Hinweise!
Eine Möglichkeit habe ich gefunden, Kerio und F-Secure 2007 zum Laufen zu bringen: Vor der Installation von F-Secure hab ich den Kerio HIPS Driver deaktiviert. Nachdem ich die HIPS-Funktionalität von Kerio nicht aktiviert habe, kommt das Programm offenbar damit zurecht.


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