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My first Groovy program

When I heard the JavaPosse interview about Groovy I became really interested in it. The fact that it offers a scripting language based on the JVM and that it can be seamlessly integrated with Java fascinated me. So I decided to buy the Groovy in Action book and try it out. This is my first attempt at something that might become useful later: def foundtypes = [:] def sum = 0 def stats = "" bugs = new XmlSlurper().parse(new File("/home/ds/findbugs.xml")); bugs.BugInstance.findAll { instance -> instance.@category =~ 'CORRECTNESS|BAD_PRACTICE|MT_CORRECTNESS' }.each { instance -> type = instance.@type.toString() foundtypes[type] = foundtypes.get(type,0) + 1 } foundtypes.each { sum += it.value } println "Found ${foundtypes.size()} types of errors and $sum total:" foundtypes.each() { type -> stats += type.key.padLeft(42) + " : " stats += type.value + "\n" } println stats What this does is slur

Google company name change?

Did Google just change their company name? If so, I did not read anything about it beforehand. But maybe they want to make the process easy and introduce only subtle changes.... Notice anything in the screenshot? Hint: Count the letters ;-))

Fax via Fritz!Box

For some weeks I have been using the AVM Fritz!Box 7170 as my DSL modem/router. I do not know how commonplace AVM products are outside Europe, so suffice it to say they are just great! In the past I have used their ISDN cards, now I switched to the DSL box. The reason mostly was that my previous DrayTek Vigor 2500We could only do WEP but not WPA or WPA2 wireless encryption. Apart from that I did not really miss anything. However when I got a letter last week that asked me to fax back an answer I noticed that I could not do any faxing from my computer. Granted, until then I had not even thought about faxes for almost a year (when I got the previous letter of that kind :)), and back then I had just used the office fax machine. But this time I remembered the Fritz! software suite that came with the ISDN cards. As the Fritz!Box 7170 can act as a DSL modem/router, a WLAN access point and a VoIP/ISDN/analogue telephone system I it would be very unlike AVM not to include some way of using

MySQL "Culture Shock"

I just thought I might link to an article on RegDeveloper called MySQL is the company's SQL now... Go read it yourself, it is rather short, but interesting nevertheless. I especially like the sentence at the bottom: It remains to be seen whether the company fully understands, and can cope with, the culture shock it is about to suffer; as callers change from 'friends' to 'customers' . This is what I have been thinking about too, when they started releasing enterprise builds more often than community builds (binary builds that is). In the past MySQL always suggested to use the binaries provided by them to rule out any effects that may be introduced by a 3rd party build process or patches. That made much sense to me. However now they tell you that you can check the source out and compile it yourself. I do not know what happens when I report a bug against such a home-made build. And I cannot really imagine that it would be any more effort to release binary builds

MS Word - Headers Lost?

Several times I have fooled myself into some "restore Microsoft Word's template" session, because apparently something had mixed it up that led to the page header not being shown. Have you ever seen something like this? (Note the very small amount of space between the tool bar and the document) Just by switching to edit headers and footers like this... (I did not insert the WordArt there right now, it has been in the document before!) ... and switching back to normal text edit again you get this: Now the header with the WordArt is visible, even though (trust me) I did not just add it to the header, but merely switched to edit it once and switched back again, without doing anything else. I have seen this behavior several times over the past few years, always wondering what the heck was the solution, so now I am gonna post it here for others and me to find... :) See the mouse pointer in the space between the tool bar and the beginning of the page? Th