jax.07 Day 1

Today jax.07 started (at least for me). After a somewhat boring opening speech and an (almost equally boring) keynote by Sun's Tim Boudreau titled "Using the Right Tool for the Job" I went to "Schneller fahren auf mehr Spuren? Multithreading im Zeichen von Mehrkernprozessoren" ("Driving faster on more lanes? Multithreading in the light of multi-core processors"). It was quite interesting although the title was a bit misleading. I would have called it something like "Introduction for JDK5/6 concurrency".

The next session was "Performance Anti-Patterns" by Mirko Novakovic which was quite worthwile. While not presenting much new information for me it at least reassured me that you are never alone with your problems and that other people are not necessarily better off :) Once again I saw a demo of PerformaSure which seems to be a useful product. If only it were not so expensive.

Lunch was surprisingly good, remembering last years bad experience...

Right now I am listening to SAP AG's Vedran Lerenc and Erwin Margewitsch on "Java EE Application Server und der Java Heap - effektive Speicheranalyse" ("JEE App Server and the Java heap - effective memory analysis). From what I have seen so far, there is nothing I have not seen with JProfiler before. Nevertheless it is quite interesting.


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