jax.07 Day 2

This morning my initial session was "Design Patterns for Security", held by Bruce Sams. I do not know whether it was too early for me or the topic was really that boring. While the ideas presented were not wrong or unusable they however where not really new. So I really had to concentrate too keep listening, waiting all the time for the moment the talk would finally take off for me. It didn't. And in retrospect I believe much of what I heard was already said at last years session, just under a different title.

The second talk was Dierk König on Groovy. At the very beginning we moved from the originally planned room to the main hall, because there were too many people there to pack into the small conference room. This cost about 5 minutes, however Dierk nicely compensated. For me personally I did not learn anything new, because the talk was obviously intended to inform people about the language that had not heard about it before. Nevertheless the talk was good and the examples impressive (a basic Swing-based Flickr image viewer in about 30 lines of code and perhaps 5 minutes of time). I am not quite sure if I will attend the Grails session tomorrow, but I will definitely go to the "Einsatz-Patterns für Skriptsprachen in Java" ("Usage-Patterns for scripting languages in Java") talk.

For this afternoon I am not quite sure where to go. Either it will be Java Runtime Performance Monitoring or "Beinahe vergessene, aber nützliche Java-Technologien" ("Almost forgotten, but useful Java technologies") by Adam Bien just because it is probably going to be fun :). Even if I go to the latter one, I will have a look at JInspired's JXInsight, because it was pointed out as a less expensive alternative to PerformaSure.


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