Upgrade to Feisty Fawn

On Thursday I downloaded the Feisty Fawn alternate CD from Ubuntu.com for a distribution upgrade. Because I did not have the nerve to first burn a CD I just loop-mounted it to /cdrom and started the upgrade.

Just like last time it went off to download another 350MB from the net. Once that was done it started installing the new packages. On the way it asked questions on some packages - I would have liked this to happen first, so that I could have let it run unattended. In all it took about 2 hours before it asked me to reboot.

I did so, just to look at the nice bootsplash and then be confronted with a message about a non-functional X11. On the command line I quickly realized that it was the same problem that I have had before several times: it had not installed the necessary linux-restricted-modules-generic package for the new kernel, needed for my GeForce card.

Using aptitude I installed it and rebooted. This time I could log in to X. I had hoped that such problems were a thing of the past...

Another thing that still does not work is Azureus. Exactly the same problem as before (see the previous post), exactly the same fix: Just replace /usr/share/java/Azureus2.jar with the current one from the project homepage (it has a different name, put in in there as Azureus2.jar). This, too, I would not have expected.

Apart from that, nothing special so far :-)


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