Thursday, May 24, 2007

USB scanner not working on VMwared XP

I recently changed my health-insurance company. Today I got a letter asking me to return my insurance card or notify them in case I destroyed it myself. So I thought I might just fax them an image of the destroyed card. Because Fritz!Fax works beautifully in my virtual XP box, I wanted to get my Canon LiDE Scan 70 installed in the VM (no Linux support...). I downloaded the most recent driver from Canon's website and installed it.

Unfortunately I only get blue screens as soon as I "connect" the scanner to the virtual machine using the VMware server console. Being somewhat disappointed I will now have to boot up the RealThing(TM) Windows partition again...

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Mikal said...

This problem is quite common, and seems related to VMWare's broken USB 2.0 implementation. The bug is still present in the latest VMWare Server and Player. A possible solution is to connect the scanner through a USB 1.1 HUB.