Added Twitter Widget because of Windows 7

I just added a slightly customized Twitter widget to the blog. The title might be a little misleading, as of course Windows 7 does not have anything to do with this directly. Actually I am waiting for the release candidate to finish downloading, so in the meantime I am browsing the web for some stuff - partly in research for the book, but partly for fun as well.

This is when I came across the blogger widget and found the default one a little to ... well ... default.

The Windows download did not work in Safari 4.0.1 - I had to switch to Firefox as there is no IE available on the Mac. Somehow Safari would not go past the Live login and show a green progress indicator. Firefox 3.5 is now happily downloading the image using a download manager Java applet. Somewhat strange considering it's from Microsoft.

Once the download is complete I will try and set up a virtual machine with Windows 7 (is this going to be the final product name? I certainly like it more than "Vista"). Hopefully the reports are true and it is faster than its immediate predecessor.


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