iPod Touch 2G requires charger adapter

I know this has been blogged before, but I feel so strongly about it, I need to post my own rant as well.

Apple for some obscure reason decided to change the layout of the dock connectors charging pins between the iPod Touch and its 2G successor. The same fate also hits iPhone 3G and 3GS. The older models used the FireWire portion of the dock connector to charge the devices battery. Many accessories, including Apple’s own hifi adapter kit and most car-connectors are now useless in terms of battery recharge, because the new models only access “USB electrons”. I guess we can call us fortunate that we don’t need a Linux kernel module in our cars to keep charging while driving. 

This is really annoying, because before the new device I would just plug the iPod in when I got into the car, listened to podcasts while commuting and could leave with a fully recharged device when I arrived. Now they seriously ask me to pay €25 ($35) for an adapter that will a) provide a cross-over of the power pins and b) prevent me from putting the iPod where it belongs in the car: that special slot in the console where the connector of the car kit emerges!

I am somewhat p*ssed right now!

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