Setting up iPod Touch for Google Sync

Google offers an Exchange/ActiveSync based option to keep your mails, contacts and calendars lined up nicely on your iPhone and iPod Touch. I succeeded in setting this up on my iPod Touch 2G as per their instructions, but when I tried to configure which of my calendars were to be synced by going to with the Mobile Safari browser, it told me that “Google Sync is not supported on your device” (well, actually in German, but never mind).
I suspect there is some user-agent filtering going on and that for some reason – even though from what I understand the iPod should be fine – it likes an iPhone better.
Mac OS X 10.6 Automator to the rescue:
Automator Setup for configuring Google Sync
Both options are from the Internet section of the Library on the left (not shown). Save this as an Application or just run it from Automator and you will get this:
Automator Webpage Popup in iPhone mode
This allowed me to set up the calendar on the iPod to sync more than just one Google calendar.
EDIT: Much simpler, it just did not like the German language. Switching to English on the iPod works, too.


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