Blog Statistics 2009

Others have done it, so why shouldn’t I do it, too? Well, usually that’s not my line of thought, but when today I read David Linsin's blog post about his stats I thought I might follow along.

Overall stats

The overall visits to my blog – and countless others with no doubt – display the workday/weekend jagged line one would expect. The summer months seem to be a little lower on average, but that’s ok, people deserve their vacations. Blue line is 2009, green line is 2008 for comparison.

Page views (2008 and 2009 compared)

Content Performance (2008 and 2009 compared)

Overall traffic increase in the 40% range with slightly more time per page – nice. The bounce rate is constantly high, but since almost all posts are about some particular narrow-focused topic, this is expected. Usually when looking for the solution to a problem bugging me, I do not have the time to browse around for other, unrelated stuff on the sites I come to, either.

Top Contents

The top 8 content pages in 2009 were:

  1. MySQL: Add primary key to table with duplicates (5666 page views)
  2. Migrate VM from VirtualBox to VMware Fusion (4185 page views)
  3. XP SP3: STOP 0x0000007E (0xC000001D) (solved) (4126 page views)
  4. SAXParseException: -1:-1: Premature End Of File - Misleading error (3534 page views)
  5. How to charge the iPod Touch's battery on Linux (3245 page views)
  6. ERROR 1033 (HY000) on InnoDB configuration error (2431 page views)
  7. Conditional INSERT with MySQL (2385 page views)
  8. Something to know about Toshiba external USB HDD (2311 page views)

I would never have guessed that these Toshiba drives are still around bugging people with their strange password protection voodoo. But there is a constant stream of comments on this post to this day.

The post about migrating VMs from VirtualBox to VMware had a spike in traffic right around the time VMware Fusion 3 was released – pretty sure that’s when a lot of people gave it another shot. The XP SP3 blue screen post was very strong around the time I posted it and has been gradually decreasing in popularity – probably a sign that SP3 is getting more and more prevalent.

The following PNG gives some more details and a 2008 comparison – which of course has to be taken with a grain of salt for posts written later in 2008 or at the beginning of 2009.

Top 8 Pages  (2008 and 2009 compared)


As for browsers and operating systems, Windows and Linux lost compared to 2008 while Macintosh gained 10%. Firefox lost about 3%, IE about 7%. Both Safari and Chrome took their shares:

Visitor OS  (2008 and 2009 compared)

Visitor Browsers  (2008 and 2009 compared)

Traffic Sources

Finally some data on traffic sources. Apparently the amount of traffic from other sites and direct traffic is slowly increasing, which I find flattering, especially because in 2009 I had little time for blogging and did not provide too much new contents.

Traffic Sources  (2008 and 2009 compared)


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