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No Google Apps for me

I am a huge Google fan and especially love GMail. I have been a member from very early on and gone through all their improvements. Currently there is a mail archive of about 1GB in my account, going back to February of 2005. Recently my friend and colleague Udo made me aware of the fact that Google Apps for your domain offers a free standard edition for up to 50 users. That seemed to be the perfect solution for me, because I figured that would allow me to use a custom sender address when sending mail from my iPad or iPod Touch instead of my address. Right now, if you want push notifications for new mail, you need to set up an Exchange account for GMail on the iOS device, but this will not allow for custom sender addresses. In the end I am not even sure this would have worked, but for other reasons I decided to abort the setup half way through for a IMHO very stupid limitation.