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Amiga 500 Restoration: Retrobrighting I

In part one I described how I got and disassembled an Amiga 500 for a thorough cleaning. This part is about my first attempts to restore the grey/beige color the case had originally had, but over time had turned it an ugly yellow. This is the second post in a series about restoring an Amiga 500 back to its former glory. Here are all of them so far. I’ll try to remember to update this in all related entry. 2017-12-24:  Amiga 500 Restoration 2018-01-05: Retrobrighting I 2018-02-05: A501 Memory Expansion 2018-02-05: Mouse and Mainboard Maintenance First Things First Disclaimer 1: It has been quite a while since my chemistry lessons in school, and even though reading up on the details, combined with what I still remember, left me with some confidence of having roughly understood what’s going on, what follows might be woefully wrong, at is guaranteed to be imprecise. So by no means should you use this as the basis for any upcoming exams 😉 . Also, I understand the links provided a