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Amiga 500 Restoration: A501 Memory Expansion

The previous posts were mostly about cosmetics. This one is more technical, dealing with the repair and some preventative maintenance of the A501 memory expansion card. If you are curious to learn more about the retrobrighting of the computer’s case, don’t worry — I’ll get back to that at a later time. This is the third post in a series about restoring an Amiga 500 back to its former glory. Here are all of them so far. I’ll try to remember to update this in all related entry. 2017-12-24:  Amiga 500 Restoration 2018-01-05: Retrobrighting I 2018-02-05: A501 Memory Expansion 2018-02-05: Mouse and Mainboard Maintenance Amiga Memory — The Basics When the Amiga 500 was first introduced, it came with 512KB of memory. That was already double the amount the original Amiga 1000 had, but still not a whole lot. Especially when developers started to get familiar with the audio and video capabilities of the machine, RAM became a limiting factor in what you could do. Merely copying a single