MS Word - Headers Lost?

Several times I have fooled myself into some "restore Microsoft Word's template" session, because apparently something had mixed it up that led to the page header not being shown.

Have you ever seen something like this? (Note the very small amount of space between the tool bar and the document)

Just by switching to edit headers and footers like this... (I did not insert the WordArt there right now, it has been in the document before!)

... and switching back to normal text edit again you get this:

Now the header with the WordArt is visible, even though (trust me) I did not just add it to the header, but merely switched to edit it once and switched back again, without doing anything else.

I have seen this behavior several times over the past few years, always wondering what the heck was the solution, so now I am gonna post it here for others and me to find... :)

See the mouse pointer in the space between the tool bar and the beginning of the page? This is what it's all about: Hiding the headers to save some screen space. Just click when the cursor is shown as the two arrows and you are back to normal. I do not know where this is stored, but it is not the document template, because I tried copying a from a different computer with no effect.

Hopefully I will remember this post when I run into it next time ;)


Anonymous said…
Thank you- I've been searching for a fix to this for weeks and had an idea it was probably something simple.
Anonymous said…
I agree with the previous comment. I have also been searching for weeks to find a way to fix this problem. I tried everything Microsoft suggested to no avail. Then I found your blog, and within seconds, had this annoying problem fixed. You're the best:-)
Anonymous said…
Your advise guided me to google for: ms word "show white space"

This leads you to

Under tip: set "Show White Space" as default in Tools, Option, View - activate the flag for "White space between pages (Print view only)"
Now this is Microsoft... I cannot even look at that page. First it claims to want to improve the way the page is displayed by checking for Office 2007. Good luck on Linux. After that it tells me I have to enable ActiveX and that there even is a plugin for Netscape to enable that.... Only on Windows, of course. What the hell is so special about a help website that I can only have a look at it with the "right" OS?
Alex said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Thank you very much foir this simple fix!
Couldn't find this in Word help!

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