jax.07 Day 2 (cont'd)

Adam Bien's talk about almost forgotten technologies in the Java world turned out to be rather boring, even though he introduced it as a "fun talk". He shortly mentioned FreeTTS and Sphinx and then talked a lot about JINI and some surrounding technologies. After only about 30 minutes the talk ended very early. Even though this gave me time for some fresh air, from retrospect I would better have spent the time in a different session.

I also skipped the keynote about Microsoft's Security Development Cycle. Somehow I was not too eager to learn about a security strategy of someone who has not proven to be a leader in that field.

Later that day I attended ""3D-Rendering and Physics Engines with Java SE 6" by Michael Bien (Adam Bien's younger brother). While the demos were impressive, Michael still has to practice a little more on how to speak freely and fluently to catch up with his brother :)

The second 30 minute short talk was Anrew Overholt's (Red Hat) "State of Eclipse and Linux distributions". As a Linux desktop user it is good to know that there is a lot of work being done to integrate Eclipse (itself and its extensions) into Linux distributions (not only Red Hat/Fedora for that matter). Andrew showed some interesting details and Linux tools they developed on their way, for example a ChangeLog plugin or a .spec file editor. The goal of their work is to enable any plugin developer (and Eclipse itself) to easily generate .rpms, .debs or whatever else is necessary to deploy their work on any given Linux distribution. While short it was still a very useful talk with a nice discussion at the end.

What followed in the evening was the best part of the day: Brian Goetz's keynote Concurrency - Past and Present and his session on "Java Performance Myths", containing valuable information about the inner workings of the VM and the HotSpot just-in-time compiler, all packaged into a fun talk/session. Ending at 21.45 it marked a good close-up for the day.


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