jax.07 Day 3

The (my) last day of jax started with Oliver Stauss talk "Umstellung eines Projekts von Ant zu Maven 2", dealing with switching a project from ant to Maven 2. For my taste there was too much history of Maven and too little concrete examples. I do get the impression that many speakers tend to go slow at the beginning of their sessions, elaborating too much on why and when the world was created, how mankind came about and suddenly realize that they have to hurry up to finish in time. Sorry Oliver, this is nothing personal, but a general observation I have made. But I am sure the session (which was good nonetheless) could have been a little more juicy had the focus been put differently.

To my delight the first keynote of the day, "The Role of Java EE in Enterprise SOA development at SAP" was not the self-adulation and buzzword-bristling thing I almost expected it to be. Instead it was quite interesting to hear about Java delopment in such a big company. Everything seems to be on a different scale... The keynote also contained a quick demo of the heap analyzer tool I wrote about before. In the meantime I have looked around and also got a comment on the blog, and I am quite sure the tool is rather unique as soon as you have somewhat larger heap dumps. I will definitely give it a try.

The second keynote "Java IDE(s) - Then, Now, and Eventually" by David Intersimone of CodeGear gave a nice overview of how Java IDEs developed and what may yet be to come. I have to admit that I still found it a little too "JBuilderish", but not too bad. Probably you can't help yourself after being with Borland for over 20 years ;-)

Before lunch I visited Karsten Lentzsch's "Gebote und Verbote für Swing-Oberflächen" ("Do's and don'ts for Swing UIs"). It was a very interesting and didactically well done talk about why it is very easy to build ugly UI's using Swing and what to do about it. I have to admit that I read much of what he wrote on JGoodies.com before, but it was great to have the opportunity to see updated examples and hear about these things first hand. I still have to convince my company to hire him for some days to get our UI a little more polish.

I really liked the conference, I believe it may even have been better than last year's. If I get the chance, I will definitely return in 2008.


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