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MySQL Index Analyzer updated

After several months I have again spent a little work in the MySQL Index Analyzer I first published back in August of 2006. I added a feature that will find duplicate columns inside an index, caused by the internal appending of the InnoDb primary key columns to each secondary index. To get the code and read more about the new feature, including an example, go to the MySQL Index Analyzer Blog .

Back online

Two weeks after we moved to our new appartement we got DSL back. I have to admit I was sceptical at first, because ususally I tend to not trust phone and internet providers too far when it comes to make changes to an existing setup. However apparently everything worked well. The ISDN line was switched over on the day we moved, keeping the same number without a glitch. The only thing that got lost on the way was the outgoing caller id. However after two calls to the hotline (hey, this is still well within acceptable limits, isn't it?) they assured me it was to be reactivated by tomorrow. The DSL provider promised to get the line back up two weeks after the ISDN line had been established and they kept their promise. Today I plugged the Fritz!Box in and everything worked immediately. It is a real relief. I did not remember how slow ISDN was, even with two channels bundled to 128kbit/s. My girlfriend is relieved, too, not having to use my computer all the time, because she did not lik