GMail advanced search operators

Several rules in my GMail account apply various labels to mails and mostly archive them right away. This is handy for newsletters, mailing lists and the like. However over time - if you do not read them all - there are unread mails, scattered around several labels which are too old to show on the first 50 items.

Up to now I sometimes went through the following pages, using the "Select unread" and "Mark as read" functions. Today I stumbled across a page that mentions a search term to show only unread mails. I had suspected something like this must exist, but there is no GUI feature I know of to use it.

So in addition to any other search criteria you might have (e. g. "label:newsletter") you can just add "is:unread" and only get those mails that you haven't looked at before. Other things I just tried out and found to work:

  • is:starred - applies to messages with stars.
  • is:unread - applies to unread messages
  • is:read - applies to read messages
Only after that I found this page on the GMail Help Center. Sometimes life can be so easy, if you just know where to look... :-)



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