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Leverage Eclipse perspectives for different screen layouts

At work I use a three monitor setup for Java development. The machine is based on Windows XP and Eclipse 3.3. The individual views are spread out across the middle and right screens, the left one is mostly used for browser and email windows. Because I usually use a rather large font for code editing the center screen is entirely dedicated to the code editor.  The right screen contains outline, call hierarchy, source history, a console view, the package explorer and the task/warnings lists. All in all each and every pixel of this 2560x1024 area is used effectively for Java development. However in the evenings I sometimes like to complete some unfinished task at home. Thanks to a VPN connection I have full access to the CVS server and everything else I need. However I do not want to have to synchronize and download all changes to the laptop before I start. Usually I leave open Eclipse on my office PC all the time. To save time I just connect to it via RDP. The problem with that is howeve

How to charge the iPod Touch's battery on Linux

I have never been very much into iPods before. Although people were all excited about the click-wheel and the great user experience I tried some of them and never shared the whole fuzz. However when I first heard about the iPod Touch I was really fascinated. I watched the iPod Keynote from September 2007 and immediately like the iPod Touch. Usually I am not a person who buys products immediately after their release, but I figured they had had some time to get the worst bugs out of the iPhone; and as the iPod is undoubtedly nothing more than the "phone without the phone" I decided to give it a go and ordered it from the Apple Online Store on September 9th. Delivery was scheduled for the week starting Oct 1st and it promptly arrived on Thursday. As I had it delivered to the office address I suddenly noticed a lot of people coming to my desk... I connected it to the office desktop (XP) where I had been using iTunes for quite some time already to manage the music I usually lis

Can't start server: Bind on TCP/IP port: No such file or directory

(Also see the follow-up post about some progress ) Today I was (again) facing a log file from a machine that had for some reason not been able to start a temporary MySQL daemon during the night to prepare for a streaming MySQL slave installation . The necessary 2nd daemon had created its new ibdata files, however just after that aborted the startup process with the following message: Can't start server: Bind on TCP/IP port: No such file or directory 071001 23:09:55 [ERROR] Do you already have another mysqld server running on port: 3310 ? 071001 23:09:55 [ERROR] Aborting 071001 23:09:55 [Note] mysql\bin\mysqld.exe: Shutdown complete As you can see, the port is a different one from the default MySQL port, so I can be sure there was no conflict with the primary instance. Even more curiously the same process has been working on that and other machines flawlessly for some time. However I remember having seen this message once before, but back then I did not have the time to look into i