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New GMail rather slow

I noticed the new GMail (the one where an "Older Version" link appears in the top right part of the window) seems to be way slower than that "older version". Whenever I use the mouse to scroll through my inbox I can see the browser slowly redraw the screen from top top bottom. Is this normal on a 3GHz HT machine? I surely hope this is still pre-release code :)

iTunes depending on Internet Explorer cache?

Today I noticed that although in Firefox I could see the latest episode (#150) of The JavaPosse iTunes did not notice it, even when I called the "Update Podcast" menu. It still insisted on episode 149 to be the most recent one. I reloaded the Feedburner feed with F5 and Strg-F5 to no avail. I suspected our company proxy to somehow misbehave and launched Internet Explorer to check what I would get there. Usually I do not use IE, so I could be quite sure to have it request the feed through the proxy and not serve it from its own cache. To my surprise I immediately got the right, current feed displayed, including Episode #150. Once I had seen this in Internet Explorer I tried "Update Podcast" in iTunes again and this time it started to download the episode it had not seen before. I have not bothered to look through the iTunes documentation, so maybe I am writing about something completely normal here, however for me it is definitely counter-intuitive and took

Upgrading Windows XP Home to Professional

Some time ago a friend of mine upgraded his little office network with a Windows 2000 server. Since then he had been using Windows XP Home edition - mainly to just access SMB shares on the server. There were however some pain points with that setup. Profiles were not stored on the server, so the backup to tape drives on the server could not include them. Moreover we had to manually take care of having identical user accounts on all machines to share data among them and grant access to each others printers. So we decided to upgrade to Windows XP Pro, set up Active Directory and use roaming profiles. However because there were several products installed on the different workstations that take a long to time to configure properly we did not want to start from scratch. Unfortunately with XP you cannot just change the product key and all of a sudden Home becomes Professional. For one the keys just do not match - there are even different keys for the retail XP Pro version and the corporate