iGoogle for iPhone

While iGoogle is nothing really new, I only recently (and by accident) noticed, that there now is an iPhone optimized version of it. While the regular Google home page for mobile devices has seen some improvements specific to the Apple mobile devices as well (tabs at the top of the screen), I really like the combined iGoogle and small display optimized combination iGoogle/i offers.

Unfortunately the latter one does not have the nice tabs to quickly switch between GMail, Calendar, Google Reader and the other apps they offer. This would be the last thing to make it close to perfect for me.

I wonder how this got past me without noticing it earlier...

For some screenshots see tuaw.com (iGoogle/i) or TechCrunch (Google/m). It seems you have to use an iPhone or an iPod to see the differences, the "regular mobile version" appears to be unchanged when opened with e. g. Internet Explorer.


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