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As promised...

... the next post comes from OS X :-)

Changing platforms

It's been a while since the last post. This is mostly due to me entering new territory in several ways. For one, I have been digging into JavaME development lately (platform change #1), building a mobile data entry and manipulation application that uses a an embedded database and talks to its server via Webservices , if connected. Otherwise data will be queued up locally and sent as soon as the network comes back. The whole thing is build as an Eclipse embedded rich client platform app ( eRCP ) leaning on the included Equinox OSGi platform (#2). One of my favorites there is Declarative Services which helps cut down boilerplate code and at the same time encourages modular design. Really cool stuff, however somewhat difficult to get into if you are completely new. I plan on posting some sort of tutorial on this. Of course there are already several out there, that's how I learned to do it (and still am). However some of the material seems a little outdated, so maybe someone