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iMac hangs at gray boot screen – solution

Today my Intel iMac (mid-2008) suffered a heavy software crash, effectively leaving me no choice but to turn it off, as the shutdown process would hang forever. I held down the power button several seconds, until it went off. Unfortunately getting it back up was not that easy. I would hear the startup chime, but after that the screen would just hang, completely gray. I could hear the CD in the drive spin up and down again after a few moments. Keeping the mouse button pressed, the option key down etc. – all sorts of tips you get on the Internet – did not work. First I suspected the stuck CD was the problem. The Intel iMacs do not have an emergency eject hole for the slot in drive, though. Looking for a solution to my problem, I searched for all sorts of keywords I could come up with related to an emergency eject, but to no avail. All the tips and hints you get – including those on Apple’s site – relate to older models that still had such a hole for a paper clip. After a while I re