Fluid app for TWiT.tv

For the last couple of weeks I have found myself regularly having a Safari or Firefox window open, showing the Bitgravity stream from http://live.twit.tv, Leo Laporte’s netcast site. Time and again however, I accidentally closed the video when I routinely quit the browser when I had finished using it for other web related stuff.

Today I got sufficiently annoyed by myself to resolve this situation once and for all. So I created a Fluid app, took a TWiT logo from their homepage and now have a standalone TWiT.tv application on my dock.

This is the setup in Fluid:

Fluid Settings

On first start I had to add live.twit.tv to the ClickToFlash white list again – the App in Dockwhite   list from the regular Safari settings was not taken into account by this standalone browser – and then resize the Window to precisely match the video size. This is remembered for any subsequent launches. I went for the popped out player available from the regular page (see the URL in the Fluid setup screenshot above), because I usually do not need the surrounding extra information like the production calendar or the web-based IRC chat room.

This is what it looks like now, when I have started it. I will not go so far and set it up to auto start on login, but keep it in the dock for quick access.

App Running

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