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HP ScanJet G2410 Mac OS X 10.6 driver (Snow Leopard) download

In my previous post I promised to post follow ups regarding the missing Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) compatible drivers for the HP ScanJet G2410. Today I got a response to my support case, including a download address which I would like to share. On the website you still cannot find the software directly. HP ScanJet G2410 Mac OS X 10.6 driver download page I have not yet tried to install it, but will certainly do tonight when I get home. However anyone interested could go ahead already. As an aside, I was not able to download the disk image using my Windows based Chrome browser - for some reason it told me the link was broken. With Firefox it works just fine and has just finished. The file name is slightly different from the one I was able to download earlier (see previous post ), it now ends in ...Ph2.dmg instead of ...Ph1.dmg. We'll see tonight.

HP Mac Software Support - Ridiculous

When a few weeks ago my Canon LIDE70 scanner died, I went and looked for a Snow Leopard compatible replacement. I found the HP ScanJet G2410 which is labeled compatible with 10.6. Little did I expect what “compatible” means in HP’s terms. So I went ahead and bought one at a local electronics store. Inside the box there was a leaflet informing me about the software on the CD only being suitable for Leopard (10.5) and that I would need to download the most recent version from HP’s homepage, which I did. Downloading it took a long time, because apparently they are throttling the bandwidth to about 30kb/s – not so nice when you have to download 120MB for a driver. Once it was finished, I launched the installer and everything seemed to work just fine. However I noticed that Apple’s Image Capture application did not recognize the scanner, even though their own tool “HP Scan” works flawlessly (not considering the 100% CPU load on both cores for about 30s before the first scan starts). T

Blog Statistics 2009

Others have done it, so why shouldn’t I do it, too? Well, usually that’s not my line of thought, but when today I read David Linsin's blog post about his stats I thought I might follow along. Overall stats The overall visits to my blog – and countless others with no doubt – display the workday/weekend jagged line one would expect. The summer months seem to be a little lower on average, but that’s ok, people deserve their vacations. Blue line is 2009, green line is 2008 for comparison. Overall traffic increase in the 40% range with slightly more time per page – nice. The bounce rate is constantly high, but since almost all posts are about some particular narrow-focused topic, this is expected. Usually when looking for the solution to a problem bugging me, I do not have the time to browse around for other, unrelated stuff on the sites I come to, either. Top Contents The top 8 content pages in 2009 were: