HP ScanJet G2410 Mac OS X 10.6 driver (Snow Leopard) download

In my previous post I promised to post follow ups regarding the missing Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) compatible drivers for the HP ScanJet G2410. Today I got a response to my support case, including a download address which I would like to share. On the website you still cannot find the software directly.

I have not yet tried to install it, but will certainly do tonight when I get home. However anyone interested could go ahead already.

As an aside, I was not able to download the disk image using my Windows based Chrome browser - for some reason it told me the link was broken. With Firefox it works just fine and has just finished. The file name is slightly different from the one I was able to download earlier (see previous post), it now ends in ...Ph2.dmg instead of ...Ph1.dmg. We'll see tonight.


Spideymang said…
Hi there

I'm having problems trying to scan a document using the hp software/driver for this model on macos x 10.6.x (december 2011).

Do you know how can I make it work? hope you can help me, greetings from Mexico

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