Amazon + DHL delivery speed - just great!

Instead of all the bashing that's usually to be found in blogs, I think one should give credit where credit is due.

Yesterday in the late afternoon I ordered some hardware from with standard delivery options.

This is what my email inbox looked like today:

The oldest mail (the last one in the screen shot) is Amazon's confirmation of my order. Unfortunately this cannot be seen directly, but the mail arrived - seconds after I placed the order - at 17:50h (5:50pm).

The next mail - today at 09:53 (am) - informed me about the package leaving Amazon.

Only about 5 hours later I was informed that it had been delivered at my chosen destination!

With this kind of speed, I do not think I will be buying an Amazon Prime membership anytime soon, otherwise they would probably deliver the stuff, even before I ordered it ;-)


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