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Amiga 500 Restoration: Mouse and Mainboard Maintenance

With the memory expansion board fixed in the last post, I needed to perform more electronics fixes, this time to get the mouse back in working order. Notice that I did this in March 2018, but somehow forgot to write the post. So with a little delay, here it is. This is the fourth post in a series about restoring an Amiga 500 back to its former glory. Here are all of them so far. I’ll try to remember to update this in all related entries. 2017-12-24:  Amiga 500 Restoration 2018-01-05: Retrobrighting I 2018-02-05: A501 Memory Expansion 2018-02-05: Mouse and Mainboard Maintenance To Click, or Not To Click When I won the ebay auction, I quickly realised that finding an Amiga compatible (modern) monitor would be a problem. Luckily, my 2011 Panasonic plasma TV has a SCART input, which I remembered to be compatible with the Amiga RGB output. Resisting my first urge to build a cable myself, I instead ordered one for a few Euros from another ebay seller. While waiting for it to arrive,